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Projects and activities

Many quality items are made by the men of Iona West Men's Shed Inc. The men all have different skills and by working together they have produced some beautiful items as shown below. 

Where possible all items are made from recycled and donated timber.

Should you require something restored (refer our Restored Furniture page) or if you would like something made and we don't show it, do not hesitate to call us or pop in for a look at our facilities and discuss your requirements.

We are located at 7 Brooks Street , West Mackay behind the Uniting Church. 

Artist easel

Artist's Easel made from recycled Timber. Made by Allen Grant

Native Bee Box

Native bee boxes for sale . Can be with no bees or a full Bee box with bees. Prices vary to your requirements. Made by Dave.

BBQ table

Lectern made by Allen Grant from recycled silky oak

Lovely toy train sets

Child's hobby horse made by Les and Dave from recycled timber. Colour and painting of horses may vary from picture.

Spoon case made by Allen Grant from recycled silky oak

'Buddy bench' made from recycled hardwood timber by Allen Grant and Vic Fisher for a local State school

Bobcat made by Phil

Children's Tables and chairs.

Children's table with either 2 or 4 chairs can be made with pattern or without pattern . Made and design by Allen Grant

Truck made by Phil .

Solid timber army tank

Solid timber red racing car, made by Noel

John and Chris proudly display the Cancer Ward Bell board, donated to Mackay Base Hospital Children's Cancer Ward

A toddler's stool for the bathroom basin .

These pot plant holders, created by Allen Grant, are available to suit 2 ,4 or 6 pots. Also wall mounted holders available

Pots shown are terracotta and readily available from several stockists around town.

Easels were made by Allen Grant for Whitsunday Anglican School.

Doll's bed made by the Retirees Group .

Dolls cot

Doll's Cot Made by Vic Fisher

Toy helicopter (colours may vary)

Christmas reindeer made by members of the Shed Peter Cowan, John Winton, Vic Fisher

Child's Dinasour steps.jpg

Children's steps for the sink. By Allen

Child's Steps Anchor design.JPG

Child's anchor steps. Left natural timber as customer may wish to paint to suit Bathroom Decor.

Native Bee Boxes

Mobile Phone Holder.jpg

Mobile Phone Holder .

Card Holder.jpg
Cattle Yards.JPG

Cattle yards by John ( Noddy ) Davis

Celtic knot rolling pin.jpg

Rolling Pin with Celtic knot design. By Allen.

Card Holder to suit kids and adults who have problems holding cards. By Allen

Clocks by Shane , Alex & Paul..jpg

 Clock by Paul.
Timber: Camphor Laurel

Clock Camphor Laurel.jpg

Clock by Shane. Timber Camphor Laurel

Clock by Mick . Old House stump.jpg

Clock by Mick . Recycled house stump

Clock by Shane.

Timber: camphor laurel

Clock , Barometer and Temperature.jpg

 Combination clock, barometer & thermometer.

By Paul & Shane (timber: red cedar)

Collage of products.JPG

Collage of products

Coffee Table with Liquid Glass.jpg

Coffee table c/w glass centre. By Paul & Alex

Coffee Table.JPG

Laminated coffee table by Glenn

Chopping board.JPG

Chopping board by Paul & Mick

Herb boxes for Meals On Wheels.jpg

Herb garden at Meals on Wheels.

By Mick , Paul & Jeff

Magazine rack.jpg

Magazine Rack. Recycled Silky Oak . Made by Allen

Doll' rocker.jpg

Rocking Cradle by Dave

Jewellery box.JPG

Jewellery boxes by Allen

Honour board.jpg

Honour Board . Silky Oak. Made by Allen

Noddy's service station.jpg

Service Station . By John ( Noddy ) Davey

Jewellery boxes (2).jpg
Mobile Phone Holder.jpg
Meat safe & chopping board 920 H x 450 x

 Meat safe and chopping block. By Paul . Mick & Alex. Recycled Hardwood.

Mini bible lecturns (2).jpg

Classroom Bible Lecterns. By Vic, Jeff , Mick , Paul , Dave & Alex

Disney Puzzle framed.jpg

Framed Disney Puzzle. Timber recycled Courthouse Kauri Timber. By Allen

Gem Club stone cupboard.heic
Mud Kitchen.jpg

 Tiny Tots Kitchen. Made from Hardwood. Made by Mick, Jeff, Vic & Paul

Prams (February 2019).jpg

Kindy Strollers. Made by Allen & Jeff

Squatters chair.JPG

Phone or tablet Holder . By Allen

Squatters Chair by Vic & Allen

Wine glass holder.JPG
Wine rack.JPG

Wine bottle holder . Timber White Cedar. Made By Vic.

Novelty Wine Glass Holders. By Allen

Zippered vase by Ken.jpg
Woodturning by Ken Grady.JPG
Woodturning by Alex dawson.JPG

Zippered Vase by Ken.

Woodturning by Alex & Ken. Timber Mackay Cedar, Silky Oak ,Huon Pine, Walnut.

Picnic board.jpg

Picnic Table c/w Glass holder & Cutting Board.  By Paul

Dining Table.jpg

Made to order Dining Table 1.8 x .8. Made by Allen


Salt & Pepper mills c/w Celtic Knot. Made by Allen

Shield for BlackSpring Golf Club.jpg

Honour Board for Black Springs Golf Club . Made by Allen.

Wall Brackets.jpg
Jewellery box engraved.jpg

Engraved Jewellery Box

Blanket box.jpg

White Cedar Blanket Box. Made by Paul , Shane & Mick

Cool Palms Small Table (3-1) (2).jpg

Breakfast Table for local Motel. Made by Vic Fisher.

Wall Brackets . Made by Mick Conway & Allen Grant

Celtic Knot Potpourri containers  by All

Potpourri container with Celtic Knot Design . By Allen.

Mackay Hospital Plant box..jpg

Mobile Planter Garden for Mackay Base Hospital.Made by Mick Conway & Allen Grant 

St Francis Bible stands. Recycled Silky

St Francis School Bible stands made from recycled Silky Oak from the old Fatima House, Mackay.

Made by Allen, Gerard,Shane ,Paul

Pot Plant stand cw Cabrilioe legs.jpg

Cabriole leg Plant Stand . Material Penny Leaf. Made by Allen

Flower trolley.JPG

Flower stand for local IGA store.Made by Paul, Alex & Jeff

Wooden washing trolley (2).JPG

Old style Wooden washing trolley.Made by Allen & Jeff

Planter Box (2).jpg
Tea Trolley (2).JPG

Tea Trolley . Made by Vic.

Puppy Pot Plant stand. Made by Alex.

Rustic grocery stand (2).jpg

Grocery Stand for local IGA. Made by Paul & Alex.

Sikly oak Table.JPG

Occasional Table made from Recycled Silky Oak. Made by Allen

Multi pupose stool_edited.jpg

Multi Purpose stool. Good for Gardening , Caravaning & in the house. Made from recylced Oregon . Made by Allen.

School desk (2).jpg

Old Students Class Desk. Made from recycled Silky Oak. Made by Allen

Santa's Sleigh (2).jpeg

Santa's Sleigh. Made by Paul , Allen ,Alex ,Jeff & Dave

Kitchen Tidy by Victor.jpeg

Kitchen Tidy . Made by Vic & Jeff

PotPlant stand Southern Silky Oak.jpg

Pot Plant Stand Silky Oak. Made by Allen.

Trophy base extended..jpg

Trophy base extension.
Made By Allen

St Francis Lectern (5).JPG

Lectern for St . Francis. Made from recycled Silky Oak from Fatima House. Made by Allen & Jeff.


Saddle frame.

Graden above ground. (2).jpg

Above ground Garden bed. Made with recycled timber and also lined .Made by Vic , Jeff & Dave.

Bathroom towel holder.heic

Bathroom towel holder . Will hold 6 Towels. Finish can be left plain and be painted by client or finish will be French Polished.
Made By Allen & Dave


Table Top made from Blue Gum and immersed in Liquid Glass. Table base yet to be completed. Made by Paul ,Alex ,Geoff.

Childrens chairs.jpg

Children's Chairs made from recycled timber. Made by Vic & Jeff.

Stairs for Move & Play Rehab._edited.jpg

Child's Rehab Steps made for Move & Play Pediatric Therapy. Made mainly from recycled timber. Made by Allen.

Seed Library for Council_edited.jpg

Seed Library display s made for the Mackay Regional Council .On display at Gordon White Library. Made from recycled Silky Oak. Made by Allen.

Produce trolley. Made from recycled Timber .Made by Vic and Jeff.

Corner Table . Material Camphor Laurel,
Made by Alex and Paul

Foot table (2).jpeg

Foot Table . Made by Alex.

Mirror from old window.heic

Bathroom or hall mirror made from recycled Silky oak frame. Finish is French polish. Made by Allen & Wayne.

Gem Club stone cupboard (2).jpg
Hall way stand.jpg

Gem Club stone viewing cabinet . Made by Allen Grant. Glass to be added by Gem Club

Hallway Stand . Material Black Bean. Made by Alex and Paul. Finish is French Polished.


Marimba Musical instrument. Looks like a Xylophone. Made by Allen. Base is pine . Top slats are Tasmanian Oak.

Book Library (2).jpg

Street Library . Takes about 18 books Material Marine Ply and Galv. Roof. Made by Allen.



  Church Alter. Madre by Allen Grant. Top is Kauri Pine recycled from Mackay Courthouse, Centre is Mackay Cedar and Base is Tea Tree.

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